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We love Atlanta. There's so much to do in this great city, but when you want to get out of the city, you're here in the beautiful south with plenty of sunshine and nature. The kind of vehicle you drive affects your ability to traverse both the city and the surrounding natural areas, and that's why we are passionate about being the premier Ford dealer in Atlanta, GA. Our selection of Ford models is perfect for those in Atlanta. One of Ford's strong suits is versatility and customizability, which is key when balancing the urban landscape with the open wilderness.

Whether you're looking for a pickup truck like the F-150 to haul loads, a commuter like the Escape to get into the city for work, an open-air off-roader like the Bronco, or anything in-between, you'll be able to find it right here at Jim Ellis Ford. You want to work with a Ford dealer who knows and understands your local area; here at Jim Ellis, we can help advise Atlanta drivers on the best vehicles for Atlanta drivers from our first-hand experience. Why work with someone who doesn't understand your geographic needs?

A red 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E and a black F-150 Lightning are shown charging in a garage.

Aside from your geographic needs, there is the more important matter of your personal needs. Buying a vehicle is a big decision, and we are here to help guide you through that process. We take our work very seriously here at Jim Ellis Ford because we want to ensure that each customer we serve drives away with exactly what they need and want. Ford has a very expansive lineup, which is fantastic; it means that you have plenty of options. The flip side is that it can be overwhelming if you're unsure which vehicle will best fit your needs. If you're looking to buy used, that opens up the door to a whole lineup of vehicles from other brands; yes, we sell more than just Fords here at Jim Ellis! That knowledge may change your thought process entirely, so let's start with the most basic question: New or Used?

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We Offer an Extensive Selection of New Ford Models

If you're looking for a trusted, American-made, freshly-released car, you'll want to shop our new Ford model inventory. Ford has a leg up on its competitors in the new market in that they are constantly setting the trends rather than following them; from the beginning, Ford has been the pioneer of American automation, and it's no different today. If an innovation is happening in the automotive industry, Ford is likely leading it. This means that buying a new Ford gives you access to the latest and greatest innovations in the automotive industry, allowing you to be a special part of history when it comes to bigger releases.

Purchasing a new vehicle ensures that there is no previous wear and tear on the vehicle and that you break it in entirely on your own. If you want maximum assurance that your vehicle is set to last for a long while, there is no substitute for buying a used vehicle. We mentioned that purchasing a used vehicle gives you access to other brands. While this is true, we have confidence that our impressive pre-owned Ford inventory will have a vehicle with the modern features you're looking for. Ford has SUVs, crossovers, sedans, sports cars, off-roaders, trucks, hybrids, and EVs. If you want it, Ford's got it, which means we've got it for you right here in our lot.

We Also Have a Great Inventory of Used and Certified Pre-Owned Ford Vehicles

Now, if you're not too concerned about being at the forefront of all the new trends and if the price tag is a big priority for you, then used is certainly the way to go. Like we've said several times before, purchasing a used vehicle with Jim Ellis gives you a much wider range of options, as you can purchase a used vehicle from a variety of leading brands!

Many people are reluctant to consider used vehicles because they assume the car will not be in great shape if it's been previously owned. This is a valid concern, but it is not the case with our high-quality pre-owned vehicles. First of all, we have no interest in selling you a subpar vehicle that doesn't meet your needs. Second, there is an important distinction to be made when purchasing a used vehicle; there are two types of used vehicles: the traditional used and Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles.

A used vehicle is just that; it has been previously owned, and we have determined that it is in good condition to sell, so we offer it in our used lineup. CPO vehicles, however, are a class above used vehicles. When we receive a used vehicle in our pre-owned inventory, it goes through a rigorous test to determine if it is of the highest quality. Not all vehicles pass the test, but those that do pass are determined to be in excellent shape and are awarded the Certified Pre-Owned title. The value of a CPO vehicle is in the fact that it comes in "like-new" condition without the price tag of a new vehicle. On top of their high quality, CPO vehicles come with an array of warranties and benefits you won't find with a typical used vehicle. At Jim Ellis Ford, we'll help you find the best solution, whether new, used, or CPO. We've got it all right here.

A dark blue 2023 Ford Edge is shown driving up a hill after leaving a Ford Dealer in Atlanta, GA.

Why Choose Jim Ellis Ford?

Here at Jim Ellis Ford, service is our priority. Selling a car is the easy part; anyone can do that. Providing exceptional customer service takes hard work, care, and dedication; this is what we strive to provide every day in our work here at Jim Ellis.

A vehicle is a big investment, a worthwhile one, but certainly a big one. If you're going to make an investment that big, you want to work with a dealership that provides expert guidance to make the most informed decision possible. The Jim Ellis group has been doing what we do best for over fifty years, and we've got a large staff and an even larger inventory to ensure that you have access to whatever you need. We want to make your whole automotive journey as seamless as possible, from our first conversation to the purchase, maintenance, resale, and beyond. That's why we offer you everything you need, all under one roof.


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