Ford Service Center Near Smyrna

Jim Ellis Ford is just a quick drive northeast of Smyrna, making us the ideal Ford service center near Smyrna for many drivers! At our dealership, we do things a little differently than you may be used to. For example, we offer convenient pickup and return of your vehicle when you’re getting repairs and service done. We even offer mobile service to Smyrna for maintenance and repairs that don’t require a trip into the shop, like for servicing a dead battery. For a repair or service that does need to be seen in-house, you’ll be pleased to see that we have 36 bays to get you in and out quickly.

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If your vehicle is going to be with us for a while or you simply don’t want to wait around, we have a fleet of loaner vehicles that you can borrow from to get you on your way. We don’t think vehicle service should impede your day. We’ve also stocked our guest area with generous amenities to keep you comfortable if you should choose to wait with us. Drivers can come to Jim Ellis Ford for their vehicle maintenance and repair needs, and we’ll make sure your visit is as convenient and enjoyable as possible! Sit back and relax with us while we get your Ford fixed up!

We Are Ford Experts!

Trust your Ford vehicle to the Ford experts. That’s us! We can handle just about any challenge you throw at us. Our team of professional service experts has seen it all. There are 35,000 factory-trained Ford technicians across America, and we are proud to count our team among them. This means that the extensive Ford training they undergo was designed by the same people who engineered your Ford vehicle. It’s a little like going directly to the manufacturer when you need service, except we're in your own backyard near Smyrna!

Because our team is directly affiliated with Ford, we always use the right parts and tools to service your Ford vehicle. You can trust that we have exactly the right resources to ensure your Ford is serviced right the first time, and we never cut corners like other service centers. Fords are our bread and butter. Let us show you why you should trust your Ford to the Ford experts!

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Our Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of repair and maintenance services. We have a huge team of experts and plenty of service bays, allowing us to get you in with an appointment quickly, no matter the issue you’re having. Some of the maintenance and repair services we offer include:

Oil Changes

Getting your oil changed feels like a simple enough task, but with today’s advanced automobiles, getting it done by professionals you trust can make all the difference. Current knowledge of your Ford’s engine and model specifications is crucial to getting the job done right. We’ve got all the right tools and oil to guarantee your service is done right on the first go, getting you back into your vehicle and on the road in a jiffy!

Don’t put off that oil change. Making sure you’re changing your oil on schedule will keep your Ford in peak condition and keep its resale value high. If you’re driving a newer model equipped with an Intelligent Oil Life Monitor, it’s even easier as your vehicle will notify you when it’s time for a change.


When it comes to buying and mounting new tires on your Ford, we have Smyrna drivers covered. You can choose from a full selection of 16 quality name brands. This means you can replace your old tires one-for-one when they’ve worn down or opt for a new variety without any hassle. We’ll make sure whatever you choose is safe and mounted correctly! Any tire you choose from us is designed to maximize your vehicle’s performance. With better performance comes improved safety. Don’t wait to get new tires when you need them. Keep an eye out for special offers on tire rotations, balancing, and installation!


Your brakes are one of the most essential elements of your Ford. We recommend that you get your brakes inspected every time you come in for service, as well as follow your model’s recommended brake service schedule. If you ever hear grinding or squealing when you press your brake pedal, make an appointment to see us as soon as possible to have the issue remedied.

We will check to make sure that your brake pads are wearing evenly and that they are still the proper thickness. Brake pads wear down from use and will eventually need to be replaced. We will also check that there are no leaks in the brake lines or master cylinder, which can be dangerous. We’ll check your Ford’s brake fluid and the ABS sensors, as well as look for hot spots and run-outs on the rotors. Our factory-trained staff know what to look for to make sure your brakes are working in top condition.


Battery service is one of our most popular mobile service calls. Most car, truck, and SUV batteries across the automobile industry are only rated for a five-year lifespan. If your battery is showing signs that it’s time to be replaced, give us a call. You can tell if your battery is beginning to near its lifespan if there is an audible slow crank when you try starting up your Ford. You may also notice that your battery light is on. That’s a sure sign it’s time to come to the experts.

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Get OEM Ford Parts and Installation Here

Looking for OEM Ford parts? We can help order and install OEM parts on your Ford! When you get OEM Ford parts, you get guaranteed compatibility and lasting quality. You don’t need to worry about something being slightly misaligned or not fitting because the parts were designed for your vehicle. Every OEM Ford part has to pass Ford’s quality control testing, so you know you’re getting the very best. We can help you find the part you’re looking for, help you order it, and do all the installation on-site! Let us help you get OEM Ford parts designed for your vehicle!


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