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At Jim Ellis Ford, we believe that a truck should be reliable, versatile, and customizable, which is why we sell America’s favorite pickup, the Ford F-150. It’s a classic for many reasons. The Ford brand has been around for over one hundred years, Ford vehicles have an excellent reputation, and you can’t go far without seeing an F-150 because of how popular it is. Have you thought about getting an F-150 of your own or upgrading to a newer model? You can find the Ford F-150 for sale in a wide variety of configurations, trim levels, and model years here at Jim Ellis Ford. New or used, basic or luxurious, off-roader or work truck, we’ve got the F-150 for you.

Many drivers prefer the F-150 over competing models, though their reasons may vary. Some might want a Ford because their family has driven Ford pickups for multiple generations. Others might not have had the opportunity to drive an F-150 but have been around pickups long enough to know that Ford is the brand they want. Whatever your reason for choosing to drive a Ford F-150, we can help you find the right truck at our dealership. At Jim Ellis Ford, our mission is to assist you in the process of buying a used or new Ford F-150 so that you can enjoy all the best parts of owning a pickup without the hassle that can come with such a purchase.

A red 2023 Ford F-150 XLT Heritage is shown from the front on a boat ramp.

A Century of Ford Trucks

Though Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company in 1903, it was over a decade later when the first truck was introduced. The 1917 Model TT was a bare-bones vehicle but quickly grew in popularity––so much so, in fact, that by 1928, there were well over a million Ford trucks on the road. Over four million pickups were built by the Ford factories before civilian production ended in 1941 to produce military equipment for World War II.

After the war, Ford introduced the first F-Series pickups, which were available in a range of sizes to fit all kinds of buyers, from delivery drivers to families. If you’ve seen an older Ford F-Series truck, chances are, you’ve seen one from the 1950s. This blast from the past had a variety of I-6 or V8 engines, depending on the model, and served both non-commercial and commercial purposes. The sculpted front and short cab are classic Americana to the core.

In the early 1960s, the F-Series got a refresh in design. No longer sculpted and shaped into curves and waves, the F-Series became angular, with a wider stance. If that sounds familiar, you’re on to something––these design elements are still seen on the F-150s being driven today. Up until the 1970s, the entry-level member of the F-Series was the F-100, but in 1975, Ford unveiled the first F-150, and the rest is history.

In the 1980s, Ford’s pickup went through another major redesign and was met with welcoming arms as a modern twist on the old classic. A boxier but more streamlined body, two-tone color schemes, and the four-door crew cab helped establish the F-150 as the go-to pickup for Americans keen on joining the Ford family.

The tenth-generation Ford F-150 arrived on the pickup scene in the late 1990s and differed from previous versions due to its smooth curves and marketability to casual pickup fans. You didn’t have to need one for your business anymore. You could drive one around just because you enjoyed it. This more casual spirit was exemplified by the SVT Lighting sport trucks of the decade.

A silver 2021 Ford F-150 Tremor is shown from the side while driving through a creek after leaving a dealer that has a Ford F-150 for sale.

Introduced in 2021, the fourteenth generation of the Ford F-150 marked the beginning of a new era. This version added modern features from Blue Cruise hands-free driving to hybrid and fully electric models that provide incredible performance while saving fuel. From here, it’s anyone’s guess as to what Ford will do with the F-150 next, but it’s sure to be one exciting ride!

Shop Our Selection of New and Used Ford F-150 Models

At Jim Ellis Ford, we carry new and used F-150 models. Due to the truck's resale value, quality, and popularity, a used F-150 is an excellent investment. Used models do require regular maintenance and occasionally a repair or two like any other vehicle, but on the whole, the F-150 tends to have fewer issues than other brands’ used models. When buying used, you can often afford an upgraded model, like getting a higher trim level on a used truck instead of the base trim level on a new truck. A used F-150 may also have aftermarket upgrades and optional features included that appeal to you.

If you’re buying new, you also have many options available, from base-level work trucks to luxury trims and special editions. There’s an F-150 for every driver and for every purpose. If you want an off-roader, there’s a trim level specifically for those who enjoy driving over and through many different types of terrain. If you’d rather have something that the whole family can relax in while the camper is getting set up, there are trim levels perfectly suited for recreational activities. If you aren’t sure which trim level works best for you, you can always ask us to walk you through the particulars so that you know you’re making the right choice.

Whether you’re buying used or new, you’ll love your Ford F-150. Despite its size, this truck handles smoothly, and it is equipped with an incredible amount of comfort, convenience, safety, and tech features so that you can enjoy your drive and keep everyone safe and happy. You’ll appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into creating each Ford F-150, as well as the memories you and your friends and family will make while on the road. Who knows? Maybe your F-150 will get passed down to the next generation as a classic piece of Americana. No matter what, you’ll have stories to share about the things that make your F-150 special.

Custom Order an F-150 at Jim Ellis Ford

Are you looking for an F-150 but not seeing exactly what you want? At Jim Ellis Ford, we can help you order a custom F-150 straight from the factory. This option ensures that our customers can get an F-150 made to their exact specifications. If you have an idea for putting together the best of everything Ford’s pickup line has to offer, that’s all you need to start the process. We’re happy to walk you through it, explain each step, and get you all the information you need prior to making the final decision. Instead of feeling bored while looking through a dealership’s inventory, you can create your own custom F-150 and revel in the freedom that comes with customization.

A black 2022 Ford F-150 is shown from the front at an angle.

Perhaps you’re thinking about changing up the cab and bed configuration, or maybe you want to install a specific feature. However you want to customize your F-150, we’ll be here to assist you. There are so many options at your fingertips when you decide to customize. You can create a family-friendly vehicle to go off-roading or pull a camper behind. You can create a road trip-savvy vehicle that is ready to go whenever you have a few days off for an adventure. The sky’s the limit when you opt to custom order your F-150.

Customization is the smart way to confirm that you’re getting everything you want out of your pickup. What’s the point of a purchase if you’re not going to utilize it fully or if it doesn’t come with all the features you need to enjoy the drive? Here at Jim Ellis Ford, we think it’s an incredible experience to put together your own F-150 from the ground up. You’ll be able to make decisions big and small, knowing that by doing so, you’re actively taking part in how you want your truck to be built. We highly recommend that you speak to one of our associates to see how easy and fun it is to customize your very own Ford F-150. You won’t want to shop any other way ever again!


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