Used Trucks For Sale In Atlanta

At Jim Ellis Ford in Atlanta, we know what makes an incredible truck. Our used trucks for sale are a great way to get your hands on a capable and reliable Ford vehicle without breaking the bank to do so. So if you're looking for used trucks in Atlanta, you've hit the jackpot. No matter which Ford truck you love, we have likely seen it on our lot - from excellent used F150 trucks to the Super Duty. We invite you to browse our used trucks for sale below and let us know when you find one that you love.

Why Buy a Ford Truck?

Ford has been mastering the art of American-made engineering for over 110 years. With over a century of experience building tough, capable, and affordable trucks, the minds at Ford know what it takes to give their customers a truck that's built to last. When you get one of our used trucks for sale, you are getting a vehicle that perfectly blends power, convenience, style, storage, and capability. That's because the long brand history allows for some of the most exciting innovations.

And, because Ford vehicles are "Built Tough," there is no need to fear about securing one of our pre-owned trucks for sale. These workhorses are built to last. You'll also get multiple engine choices, numerous trim choices, comfortable seating, safety specs, and more. Plus, these trucks continue to win awards. The Ford F150 was just named the Best Pickup Truck to Buy by Car & Driver. When you think trucks, you likely think of Ford. And, we hope that when you think of used trucks for sale, you think of our Ford dealership to get you the most reliable used vehicles in Atlanta.

What Trucks Do We Offer?

Our inventory is constantly changing. If you have a model you know that you love, we suggest letting one of our Ford vehicle specialists know so that they can keep an eye out for you. However, we have helped our wonderful customers get into pre-owned trucks such as:

  • The Ford F-150
  • The Ford F-250
  • The Ford F-350
  • The Ford F-450
  • The Ford Ranger

These are just the models. The possibilities for each model are endless! Take for example our used F250 trucks. You can choose between the six trim levels, the Raptor edition, the Super Duty edition, and much more. On top of that, with our used trucks for sale, you can get models from a variety of different year makes. But don't worry. We won't try and sell you the first vehicle Ford made in 1903. Most of the models in our inventory are from the last 3-5 years. Because of that, you'll likely see features such as class-leading MPG, a SYNC 3 infotainment system, Ford MyKey technology, and a long list of life-saving safety features.

Is It Safe To Buy Used?

Not only is it safe, but it saves you a ton of money. For starters, every one of our used trucks for sale is thoroughly inspected, road-tested, and reconditioned before it can earn a spot on our lot. If you see it in our inventory, it is because we think it is an excellent vehicle worthy of a spot in our customers' garages. You'll even get a complimentary CARFAX report from us so you can review the vehicle's history.

A lot of people also ask us where these used trucks for sale come from. The answer is simple. Ford vehicle lovers like yourself. As a Ford dealership, our used inventory is typically comprised of trade-ins from people who loved and cared for their Ford truck but are ready for a new one. That means your used truck will be tried and true. Plus, our used trucks for sale give our customers a far larger variety when it comes to their options.

Remember how we mentioned saving money? That's not only on the sticker price. You will also save money because the bulk of the depreciation on the vehicle has already happened, registration fees & insurance premiums will be lower, and it takes less time to pay off a used truck than a new one.

Your Ford Truck Is Waiting

We truly believe that there are so many benefits to buying one of our used trucks for sale. But, if you have any questions or concerns, we are available by phone, email, and in-person to ease any of your worries. Let us show you how great used car shopping can be. Contact us today!

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