Used Mustang For Sale In Atlanta

We see this situation at our dealership all of the time. Customers come to us loving the Ford Mustang but don't think they can finance a brand new one. Enter our used Ford Mustang selection. Why not enjoy the car you love at a better price? And with an iconic car like this, getting a used Mustang for sale is like securing a piece of history. We invite you to browse our pre-owned Mustang inventory below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

What Models/Trims Do You Offer?

As a premier Ford dealership near Atlanta, our inventory is always changing - especially on a model like the used Ford Mustang. We suggest that you call and let one of our sales associates know if there are certain models, trims, or specs you're hoping to find on a used Mustang for sale so that we can keep an eye out for you. However, we often see popular models/trims on a used Mustang coupe, like:

  • The Ford Mustang EcoBoost® Fastback
  • The Ford Mustang EcoBoost® Fastback Premium
  • The Ford Mustang EcoBoost® Convertible
  • The Ford Mustang GT Fastback
  • The Ford Mustang EcoBoost® Premium Convertible
  • The Ford Mustang GT Premium Convertible
  • The Ford Mustang GT Premium Fastback
  • The Ford Mustang BULLITT™
  • The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350®

Add on varying model years and packages, and that gives you a lot of options for your used Ford Mustang. And no matter which you choose, you can expect to get a car with a potent engine, excellent handling, driver-assistance technology, and much more.

Perks of Buying a Used Ford Mustang

Since we know you want to come test drive one for yourself, we will keep the list brief for now.

  1. Incredible Engine Options: A sports car is built to be fun and powerful whether it's new or used. You can get a used Ford Mustang V6 that will have you zooming around the streets in Atlanta. You can also get engine options like turbocharged four-cylinders or V8s! And the horsepower? Oh, baby. You can expect to get somewhere between 330 and 760 horsepower, depending on your vehicle. Vroom, vroom!

  2. A Fun Drive: This car is nimble and fast. Whether you're headed down a straight two-lane road, or you come across twists and turns, your used Ford Mustang is ready to carve it up. You'll get responsive steering and great athleticism out of your vehicle. In fact, there are Ford Mustangs on the road that can get from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds!

  3. Great Features: Since the bulk of our inventory is from the last 3-5 model years, you can expect to find features like a SYNC 3 infotainment system, touchscreen technology, voice-activated controls, Bluetooth technology, and more. That is, of course, you are one of the lucky ones who finds a vintage model on our lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What trims are available on the used Ford Mustang at Jim Ellis Ford?

As we write this, three thrilling trims can be found for a used Ford Mustang at Jim Ellis Ford Sandy Springs. Galloping forward with a turbocharged four-cylinder kick, the Mustang Ecoboost Premium trim is your first option. Next up is the classic V-8 powered, luxury-enhanced GT Premium trim. Finally, the value-packed Mustang V-6 Premium is your third trim choice. No matter your pick, one will provide years of performance fun.

What engines are available on the used Ford Mustang for sale at Jim Ellis Ford?

In our used Ford Mustang selection, three powerhouse engines can be found. First up is the 2.3-liter turbocharged Ecoboost four-cylinder. After that is a 3.7-liter V-6 engine, and to top off the selection, a mighty 5.0-liter V-8 engine can be yours.

Why Buy Used?

Customers often come to us with apprehensions about buying a used vehicle. We want you to know that you can trust any vehicle on the lot at our dealership - new or used. Every used Ford Mustang that comes to us (most often from lease trade-ins) is thoroughly inspected, sanitized, and road-tested. We make sure it is an excellent option for our customers. If we don't believe in it, we will send it to wholesale. We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of every vehicle we offer.

Here are some other great perks of buying used:

  1. You can pay off your used Ford Mustang more quickly by buying used.
  2. You will get to explore a larger variety of styles, trims, and models by having multiple years to choose from.
  3. The bulk of the depreciation on the Mustang will likely have already happened.
  4. You can make any customizations you want to your ride.
  5. Used car buyers often find they get affordable registration fees and lower insurance premiums.

An Iconic Vehicle Awaits You

If you're ready to get a competitive deal on a used Ford Mustang near Atlanta with a premier Ford car dealership, you've come to the right place. No matter what type of vehicle you are looking for, you will always be met with respect, patience, and knowledgeable service. We are here to help you find a used Ford Mustang you love, but we are also here to keep it running like new for as long as you own it, all thanks to our expert service department. Whatever you need, we can make it happen. Contact us today!

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