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Getting a new Ford vehicle is a special experience made even better when combined with our Ford finance specials. The Ford Motor Company has been known to bring some of the most exciting vehicles to market throughout its history, and part of that legacy is making sure that brand enthusiasts can take those vehicles home in a way that makes sense. This page provides an overview of our Ford special offers and purchasing insights from our Ford Finance Center.

What Does Ford Finance Specials Mean?

You'll see Ford finance specials designed to make taking certain vehicles home even easier at various times of the year and for many different model types. In some cases, you'll see finance specials that include other incentives alongside an optimized rate for your loan or lease. Regardless of any incentives attached to the vehicle, the heart of all  Ford finance specials is a preferred lending scenario.

But what about dealership promotions? 

Our Ford dealership in Sandy Springs, GA, looks to create the most value for our customers. So depending on a variety of factors, you might see incentives attached to a particular vehicle or model segment that are often tandem to anything that comes from the manufacturer.

Tips From Our Finance Experts

When you're shopping our inventory of new Ford cars for sale, we'll do everything in our power to create a purchase or lease that fits your needs. But did you know that you can have a hand in the process by organizing some information ahead of time? Whether you lease or buy, having the following information ready to go will help you take advantage of our Ford finance specials and lease offers even faster:

  • Have your state or military ID ready
  • Know your gross annual income (recent paystubs might be required)
  • Have your rent or mortgage information handy
  • Have your business tax ID ready (if a commercial transaction)
  • Proof of address might be required
  • A co-signer might be required

Speak to one of our finance experts or your vehicle specialist to get the most out of current incentives & specials or if you need a hand filling out our online credit application.

Ford Finance Specials in Atlanta, GA, FAQs

Is Ford Offering 0% Financing?

Throughout the year, Ford Credit may offer 0% financing. Programs can change from month to month, so speak with a sales representative to get the latest information on current specials and rates. That said, we've got four options that are always available to you, such as our Ford Standard Purchase, Ford Flex Buy, Ford Red Carpet Lease, and Ford Options. Depending on your needs, one of these options might be a perfect fit.

What Is Ford Offering For Financing?

We always offer you the most advantageous loan or lease rate for your credit situation. Throughout the year, you might find special rates associated with a particular vehicle or vehicle segment. Programs typically change every month, so feel free to circle back to this page, your sales specialist, or one of our finance experts to get the latest information.

Ford Finance Specials Fit for Our Family

As a proud member of the Jim Ellis Automotive Family, we're thrilled to give you an experience that we've been perfecting for 50 years. As part of the Jim Ellis Promise, you'll be treated like family. We know that buying or leasing a vehicle is a considerable expense. We know you've got your concerns & hopes. We'll share everything we know so that you're excited by your deal when it's presented to you. When it comes to a purchase like this, don't you think you deserve to go to a dealership that cares like we do? We think so, and we know you'll see the difference. 

Ford Finance Specials | Jim Ellis Ford - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)