Shelby GT500 For Sale In Atlanta

The new Shelby GT500 in Atlanta is positively dripping in style. Think of this car as a cross between Superman and Tyra Banks: it basically has the power of flight with its remarkable powertrain capabilities, and the exterior is fashionable and poised, unlike any muscle car before it. It's one of a kind, for sure. It definitely sounds like something we'd want our hands on; what about you?

Track-Qualified, Road-Ready

Whether you're getting it for the racetrack or just to race traffic home after work, the Shelby GT500 for sale is here to impress. It's so race-focused that it even has features specifically included for track use only. The Launch Control system for the track integrates the brakes and the traction & powertrain controls to make sure your launch is quick and effective. If that's not the best part, then the real-time performance display through Track Apps on the dashboard LCD screen is.

If you're not the racing type, don't worry. The Shelby GT500 in Atlanta impresses with every feature it has available, not just the track-specific ones. No matter your motivation for wanting the Shelby GT500, you'll enjoy key features for everyone like the customizable 12" LCD Digital Instrument Cluster with MyColor to personalize your layout and color depending on how you're driving and what mood you're in. With all the unique features and power of the Shelby GT500 in Atlanta, the starting MSRP of $72,9001 is seeming more and more like a steal.

Power, Performance, Perfection

We know what you're really here to see: the power, the performance, the perfection. Get ready to stand in awe, jaw agape, once you hear what the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 has in store for you. The 2020 model sports a 5.2L Supercharged Cross Plane Crank V8 engine with a differential cooler, Dual Exhaust with Electronic Valves and quad tips, and TREMEC® 7- Speed Dual Clutch Transmission. All this works together in harmony to provide you with 760 horsepower @ 7,300 rpm and the smoothest handling you've experienced in your life.

If there's a crash on the last lap or just an abrupt stop in the rush-hour traffic, it's crucial for you to be able to stop on a dime. Good thing you'll get the most powerful brakes in a production Mustang with the Brembo brakes on the Shelby GT500.

Looks Can Dominate

This car looks just as fierce as it feels. The top is painted over with white racing stripes, and it can come in eleven exterior colors. Just as a sampling, the attractive and stand-out colors include Twister Orange, Ford Performance Blue, Shadow Black, and Grabber Lime.

It also has either optional 20" exposed Carbon Fiber Wheels or the standard 20" Flow-formed High-Gloss Black Aluminum Wheels. This thing really does look like a racecar on the road. Test drive a Shelby GT500 in Atlanta and see for yourself just how many heads turn after you whizz past them at the stoplight.

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