Five Reasons You Should Use Genuine Ford-Certified OEM Parts

March 8th, 2024 by

A mechanic is shown replacing brakes at a Ford service center near Smyrna.

Using genuine OEM parts on your Ford is essential for so many reasons. Whether we’re making the upgrades or repairs at our service center or ordering parts for you to complete a DIY auto project, genuine OEM Ford parts will make all the difference. If you’re planning maintenance or repairs, thinking about upgrading your Ford with an accessory package, or just want to tinker around with the undercarriage, you should get parts recommendations from an expert before you begin.

If you’re looking for a Ford service center near Smyrna that can get you the OEM parts you need, you’ve come to the right place. At Jim Ellis Ford, we pride ourselves on using only the best certified Ford parts when working on Ford vehicles. This helps us deliver the highest quality service to our patrons during every phase of their vehicle’s life. We will outline some of the most important reasons Smyrna drivers should ensure they use real OEM parts on their Ford vehicles.

What Are OEM Parts?

The acronym OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means that these parts were produced directly by the manufacturer, in this case Ford, or by one of their OEM-approved subcontractors. OEM parts are specifically designed and crafted by the manufacturer to go into their lineup of vehicles, meaning the specifications, measurements, and materials are all compatible. Aftermarket parts made by someone not OEM-approved aren’t guaranteed to fit or function properly in the vehicle they get plugged into. In fact, aftermarket parts can even void warranties or damage your vehicle in the long run. There’s no guarantee they will function or keep your car or truck in good working order, and they are a risky choice for vehicle owners. OEM parts provided by Ford often come with their own warranty, so you get an extra layer of protection when repairing or upgrading your Ford vehicle.

OEM Parts are Reliable and High Quality

Ford has been a reliable and high-quality brand since its inception, and the OEM parts it produces are no exception. Ford engineers its parts meticulously with some of the industry’s highest manufacturing standards. There is no shoddy craftsmanship over here. OEM parts are designed to work identically to the original parts of your vehicle, so when you replace one original part with an OEM part, the differences are negligible. Ford’s testing and inspection process for its OEM parts is rigorous and exacting, so every part released for sale is of the highest quality.

While designing these parts, Ford uses various tests to simulate different driving actions and road conditions. They also test for temperature variations, which is especially helpful considering Smyrna’s unpredictable weather patterns. You won’t have to worry about a new OEM part overheating because it wasn’t designed to work within a Ford vehicle. Since Ford uses some of the best materials, OEM parts last longer than knock-off aftermarket parts that were designed simply to turn a profit.

The Perfect Fit

Since every OEM part can be substituted for an original Ford part on your vehicle, you never need to worry about an OEM part fitting properly. The measurements and fittings work seamlessly with one another because they were designed that way. Think about the last time you tried to replace your laptop charger. The new charger from your laptop’s manufacturer might have been a little more expensive, but it actually worked. That’s compared to the charger made in an unaffiliated factory using low-quality materials and only the bare minimum compatibility features.

The same concept applies to OEM Ford parts. You might be able to find a part that fits that isn’t OEM, but it is unlikely to perform as well, even after you determine if it fits or not. Wasting money on a low-quality part that might not fit and is likely to break quickly loses you money in the long run. If you do it right the first time, your wallet and your Ford will thank you.

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Warranties and Support

Jim Ellis Ford is certified to deal in genuine Ford OEM parts. This means that we have the full backing of the Ford Motor Company and can rely on Ford’s warranties if something goes wrong, however unlikely. Many Ford OEM parts sold over the counter are subject to Ford’s 24-month, unlimited miles warranty. There isn’t even a commercial exception. We can help replace or service the part in-house if you return it to us within the warranty period. This gives Ford parts buyers extra peace of mind and an added security blanket when they purchase OEM parts. When you buy a knock-off part, if something goes wrong, you have to eat that initial cost and fork over more money to replace it, likely with the OEM part you should have used in the first place. Save yourself the headache and use a genuine Ford OEM part from the start.

Safety Considerations

There are many critical components in any vehicle. If you use aftermarket parts that might not fit right or use poor-quality materials in their making, you’re setting yourself up for risk. If one of these critical parts fails while you’re driving, your safety and the safety of your passengers are in jeopardy. Common components used for braking, like pads and rotors, can fail if you replace them with bad parts. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your brakes fail on the highway because you used cheap parts. Consider your safety and the safety of others when you choose to fix or maintain your Ford with new parts.

Long Term Value

As mentioned, when you use genuine Ford OEM parts, you protect the long-term value of your vehicle. Not only do you avoid voiding warranties in your Ford when servicing using OEM parts, but you can also avoid causing larger issues. Imagine using an aftermarket part that wasn’t manufactured to fit correctly. You manage to jam it in, and it works for a time. However, it causes friction on the parts around it and jams other critical systems. Now, a more significant issue has spread past the part you replaced and may cause permanent damage. You need to replace even more components, hopefully this time with the correct OEM parts. Doing so is costly, but if you don’t, the value of your vehicle is likely to tank. If you use the right parts from the start, you protect your Ford’s value and can get top dollar if you choose to sell it or trade it in.

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Using OEM Ford Parts

It’s important to use genuine Ford OEM parts whenever you can. If you don’t know where to start, you can talk to an expert in our Ford service center near Smyrna to get more information. No matter what, however, remember that genuine Ford parts will help you in the long run. They’ll protect your vehicle, work better, help you avoid dangerous safety situations, and come with added warranties and protections that will give you peace of mind and add value to your Ford vehicle.. The next time you have a repair, maintenance, or upgrading project to complete, make sure you’re using genuine Ford OEM parts.