Exploring 5 Incredible Features of the 2023 Ford F-150

September 8th, 2023 by

A blue 2023 Ford F-150 Lariat is shown parked near mountains.

Here at Jim Ellis Ford, nothing excites us more than talking about the Blue Oval brand and all the latest and greatest features that get included with each passing model year. You need to look no further than the 2023 Ford F-150 to find the very pinnacle of performance and prowess all contained within one pickup truck. As the best-selling and most popular vehicle in America, you might think that improving upon perfection would be an impossible task, but Ford manages to do it each and every year without fail. Today, we’re taking an in-depth look at five of the most exciting features of the 2023 Ford F-150 and how they enhance the drive and make your daily activities more productive and enjoyable. At Jim Ellis Ford, it’s easy to find a Ford F-150 for sale, and after reading this, you’ll be looking forward to getting behind the wheel of one.

#1 – BlueCruise Hands-Free Driving

When Ford takes the initiative and puts the word “blue” out in front, you know it’s something worth being excited over. BlueCruise has been gaining all sorts of recognition lately, most notably from Consumer Reports, who named it the top-rated active driving assistance system. In a world where technology develops by leaps and bounds, BlueCruise is one of the most significant advances to emerge in recent years. Ford’s semi-autonomous driving system allows for hands-free driving over hundreds of thousands of miles of pre-programmed roads stretching across the United States. Every road trip, no matter how long it is, just got easier. BlueCruise offers much more than the ability to take your hands off the wheel. It means reducing stress and fatigue when traveling over great distances, which can help reduce the number of accidents that occur each year. Once again, Ford shows the world just how far ahead it is in providing better assistance to drivers.

#2 – An Interior Work Surface

Many people who choose to utilize the Ford F-150 each day do so in a variety of different methods. For the hard workers who help build and maintain the infrastructure that stretches from coast to coast, the F-150 has become the most trusted and reliable workhorse to be found on any job site. Now, the 2023 F-150 can transform from a vehicle to a mobile office with minimal effort. Inside the cabin, the gear shifter can be folded down, and a flat surface extended over it to create a desk for your paperwork and other tasks. The term “just another day at the office” just got a lot more interesting than ever before.

#3 – Pro Power Onboard

Of course, there are those among us who play hard and work hard, sometimes simultaneously. That is why Ford has stepped up to the plate with what it refers to as Pro Power Onboard. This setup turns the 2023 F-150 into a mobile generator. It doesn’t matter what your task at hand might be. Whether you need some extra outlets for a few power tools, some extra light when setting up the campsite, or you need to be the hero the tailgate party needs, three different versions of Pro Power Onboard are available, ranging from 2.0 kW with any engine option to 7.2 kW with the F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid. You can monitor how much voltage is being utilized right on your smartphone and keep the work and fun going long after the sun goes down.

The gray interior and dash of a 2023 Ford F-150 for sale is shown.

#4 – Fun Tailgate Features

More often than not, the term “tailgating” is used in conjunction with partying and pregaming for a sporting event. While the 2023 F-150 is certainly more than capable of facilitating such activities, the term takes on a whole new meaning when we look at the functionality of the item in question. Folding down the tailgate on the F-150 turns it into a mobile workstation, complete with clamps, pencil holders, and space for all of the other items you utilize on the job site. Ford also equips the tailgate with an available fold-out step and grab bar, making it easier and safer to climb in and out of the bed all day.

#5 – Multiple Driving Modes for Any Terrain

One aspect of the F-150 that draws many different drivers is the ability of the vehicle to adapt to a multitude of situations, both on and off the pavement. Whether you’re an avid off-roader or not, you can benefit from the multiple driving modes that the 2023 F-150 offers you. No matter how hostile the terrain may seem, it will not slow down your adventures.

Normal: As the name might suggest, this is the mode you’ll use for your everyday commute, whether it’s in the city limits or on the highway.

Eco: If you have a lengthy stretch of highway driving to accomplish, this mode can be very advantageous. Eco is geared towards conserving fuel consumption over long distances.

Sport: If you’re in a situation that calls for more pedal to the metal, then this is the mode you want. The accelerator’s response is increased, and the lower gears of Ford’s ten-speed automatic transmission are utilized for more rapid acceleration.

Tow/Haul: The driving mode reduces the number of upshifts and downshifts. It is best utilized when towing a trailer or hauling any other heavy load. Many drivers depend on the F-150 for hauling heavy burdens, and this mode ensures that your delivery is safe and effective.

Slippery: Driving in the rain can be quite an arduous task sometimes. If you’ve ever driven in a heavy rain storm, then you’re all too familiar with this. By softening the throttle response, this mode will give you more control over your commute.

Deep Snow/Sand: One terrain that’s more challenging than a rainstorm is when the temperature drops below freezing, snow starts to fall, and you find yourself navigating the closest thing to an arctic tundra. Fear not; this drive mode is more capable than a team of huskies on their best day.

Rock Crawl: This drive mode holds gears longer and mutes any sudden throttle response to give you the finesse you need when negotiating delicate situations. It also locks four-wheel drive for added traction.

Mud/Ruts: When your wheels start spinning on a slippery trail, traditional traction control can hurt more than it helps. This drive mode lets your wheel dig through to the firm ground beneath the mud so you don’t bog down.

A silver 2023 Ford F-150 is shown towing a boat.

The F-150 and Its Features Are Waiting for You at Jim Ellis Ford

For the past several decades, the Ford F-150 has remained the ultimate symbol of resilience and capability. Now, here in 2023, America’s favorite pickup truck continues to awe the public with its wide array of features and accessories that display cutting-edge technology and impressive innovation. What more could you expect from the Blue Oval brand? This same dedication can also be found when you come to visit the pros here at Jim Ellis Ford. Aside from carrying a vast selection of new and used Ford vehicles, our salespeople and technicians are constantly being updated on the latest achievements that arrive each and every year. The future is Ford, and we’re helping you grasp it.