Caffeine and Octane is the world's largest monthly car show that goes down every first Sunday of every month. Rain or shine. No fees. No hassles. Just our shared love of the automobile. Jim Ellis is a proud sponsor of this televised event, and we encourage anyone who's interested in cars to attend. Scroll below to see the schedule, learn how to enter your vehicle, or just come and soak in all the excitement.

How Can I Enter My Car?

Anyone who has something unique can enter their vehicle. Spots in our Central Lot are limited, so come early, play fair, and get in line to have your baby admitted to the show. There are no fees involved, and we encourage private collectors, do-it-yourselfers, and local clubs to send their best! Look out for our featured vehicle requests. Keep your eye out on the Caffeine and Octane website to fill out the form and submit your specialty automobile for consideration. Outside of this occasional specialty group, enter your vehicle as you normally would.

Ok, I'm Coming! When, Where, & How?

This is a family-friendly event, and we are always respectful of each other and the surrounding residents and businesses. Here are just a few simple rules: no racing, no loud noise, and no damage to property. Our show is located at the Perimeter Mall on 4400 Ashford Dunwoody Rd., Dunwoody, GA 30346. The show begins officially at 8 am and runs through 11 am, so come early if you want to enter your vehicle!

Caffeine and Octane is organized into two lots. There's the Central Lot and the General/Club Lot. If your vehicle makes it into the Central Lot, you are required to stay there the entire time and cannot move your vehicle. We've got families with small children, pets, and more combing the lanes, so it's all about safety first. The Club Lot is where you can come to hang out with the Jim Ellis team, buy Caffeine and Octane merchandise, and learn about some of the other event sponsors.

Caffeine and Octane runs the first Sunday of every month, with the only exception being on April 11th, due to Easter Sunday. Otherwise, come on down January 3rd, February 7th, March 7th, April 11th, May 2nd, June 6th, July 4th, August 1st, September 5th, October 3rd, November 7th, & December 5th. 8 am-11 am @ the Perimeter Mall, Dunwoody, GA.

What Will I See at Caffeine and Octane?

It's all about the love of the car, and we've seen vehicles in the Central Lot that should probably cost $300 all the way to $3,000,000.00 and up. Expect to see classics, featured vehicles, custom & modified vehicles, Exotics, and a special little corner for Porsche owners.

Not only that, you'll see us, your Jim Ellis team, as well as world-renowned collectors, A-list athletes, and celebrities. Caffeine and Octane is the die-hard event that you won't want to miss. It is televised, so don't be surprised if you and your ride end up on TV! Strict social distancing and all health recommendations are followed at this event!